Before you were born,
We dreamed of you,
We imagined you,
We prayed for you.
Now that you are here,
We hope for you,
We love you and we
Thank God for you.

The day a family comes together is a day that cements the beginning of a lifetime full of laughter, love and memories.

Embroidered forever onto their own special blankie can be the child’s name, date born, date came into our lives and date forever ours. “Before you were born we dreamed of you, we imagined you, we prayed for you. Now that you are here we hope for you, we love you and we thank God for you. (any information is optional)

The blanket can also include birth stats and family members names including parents and every sibling (even the dog!).

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Personalized Story Blankets
Our Mission

At Story Blankets we believe the story you create is as important as the product we make. We use only the highest quality fabrics, made one piece at a time in the USA especially for your loved one.