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Custom Baby Blankets

Celebrating the Joy of a New Life

When a baby comes into your life, there is so much to celebrate. You recognize a new addition to your family, a new name, and a birthday or adoption day to put on your calendar. Beyond that, you see their individuality – their length, weight, and hair and eye colors. Then, their baptism day dawns, bringing a new appreciation of life and an exhilarating hope for the future.

Of course, you will want to remember all these little details that mark the presence of this new life in your midst. Therefore, custom baby blankets make the ideal gift. With exquisite craftsmanship, we meticulously embroider any of these facts, figures, and dates you choose around the border of the baby’s new blanket. Thus, you emphasize the profound significance of their arrival. What is more, you show your great joy at welcoming the baby into your life.


Cradling in Comfort

Our custom baby blankets greet your baby in the gentlest way possible. First, you notice how the microfiber or cotton fabric has luxurious softness for the tenderest touch of love. Then, consider the hypoallergenic materials that protect the baby’s delicate skin. Next, note the silky borders and how firmly we attach them, giving the baby soft, stable edges in an often chaotic, hard-edged world.

Just as important, you want to protect the baby from the cold, and our custom baby blankets do that perfectly. Our thick, warm Luxury Plush blankets are ideal for cold winter days. Also, our Minky Dot and Minky Dot Lovey blankets stave off chills, and our thermal cotton blend personalized fleece blankets wrap the baby in comfort on the most frigid nights. Yet even when the temperatures warm up, the baby still needs protection from cool breezes and intense sunshine. For those times, our cotton muslin print blankets bring just the right touch of loving care. And, the first thing a baby needs from a blanket is comfort. Fortunately, with My Story blankets, you give them exactly that.

baby under custom blanket looking at a book

Bringing More Beauty into Baby’s World

Every baby deserves to live in a world filled with as much beauty as possible. After all, you have every reason to create a lovely space for them to be from the first. So, why not choose custom baby blankets that not only feel great but also brighten up their worldview? At My Story Blankets, we offer baby blankets in elegant colors, intriguing patterns, and appealing textures. Also, the embroidery we add gives each blanket extra visual appeal.

Now, you might ask, why does all this matter? The visual appeal of our custom baby blankets serves two great purposes. First, the baby learns to appreciate beautiful things. Second, the baby learns to associate these early images with comfort, security, and love. Then, as the child grows, they remember that feeling of safety and love whenever they see their first My Story baby blanket again. For that reason, many children who have received custom baby blankets early in life never forget them or throw them away. Just imagine! The heartfelt gift you give the baby now could become one of their most treasured possessions later in life.

pink custom baby blanket with bow

Creating Your Heartfelt Gift

We approach the creation of My Story custom baby blankets as a collaboration between the gift giver and our team of highly skilled crafters. You can do your part quickly.

First, you choose the type of blanket and the colors you like for the blanket and its embroidery. Then comes the fun part. You choose what you want us to embroider around the border. To make it simple, we offer a template you can fill out. You submit the baby’s name, birthdate, time of birth, weight, length, and mommy and daddy’s name for birth blankets. Or, if you choose an adoption blanket, you can add the date the parents had the baby placed in their arms and the date they were forever theirs.  Finally, you can fill in the baptism date, church, godparents, and a Bible verse or prayer on our baptism blankets.

Lastly, if you want to include any other words or facts, you can contact us. We love creating unique blankets embroidered with words that express your feelings and wishes in your own particular way. For instance, you might want to add a line of poetry, your name, or a special desire that comes from your heart. Whatever you choose to include, we capture your ideas in beautiful, evenly stitched embroidery.

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Your Special Delivery

After we make our custom baby blankets, we take special care to ensure they arrive safely at their destination. We package them in festive wrapping to capture the spirit of your joyful welcome. Next, we prepare them for shipping and send them on their way. Then, when the package arrives, the parents open it up and know that something special has landed on their doorstep.  Finally, after the parents open the interior wrapping and see the blanket, they recognize the thought and love you put into sending the heartfelt gift for their new little one. Sometimes, a thoughtful gift brings more joy than you ever imagined. With My Story blankets, you can do just that.


grey custom Christmas blanket under silver tree