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Custom Embroidered Baby Blankets

When Babies Arrive…

Has a new baby come into your life?

Then, now is the perfect time to welcome them into the world. You might live near the baby, across the country, or on the other side of the world. It does not matter. Still, you want to honor the occasion and share your love. So, you search for an exceptional gift. But now, your search is over. We at My Story Blankets have just the answer you seek. We design and create custom embroidered baby blankets to brighten up any baby’s happy occasion.

A New Light Comes into Your World

Whether a baby comes into your family through birth or adoption, it has a special uniqueness and natural beauty. At first, you might notice family resemblances. Yet, no carbon copy ever exists, even in twins. They laugh, cry, move, and use their voices in ways that no one else ever will. Then, why not buy them a lovely gift that no other child ever receives? With a Baby Story Blanket, you do exactly that.

Warmth, Comfort, and Security Matter

My Story custom embroidered baby blankets provide the warmth and comfort babies need. From microfiber to cotton blend, we choose soft, warm fabrics to offer a touch of cozy pleasure in any baby’s life. Our blankets feature soft, hypoallergenic materials and smooth satin ribbon bindings.

Choose one of our packages with the Security Buddy to give the baby a cuddly friend for an extra feeling of safety. Also, for those who want extra blankets or prefer a simple gift, you can purchase any of our blankets without personalization.

Sharing Memories Creates Connections

Our custom embroidered baby blankets give you an incredible opportunity to share memories with a new member of your circle. Your message creates a long-lasting connection with the baby and their family. Because you choose the words for the embroidery, you may want to share your favorite quote or saying or a Bible verse that has played a large role in your life.

Your special message communicates your thoughts about their birth. What’s more, the blanket will provide an avenue for creating new memories. Imagine receiving photos of this happy addition to the world; all snuggled up in your blanket gift!

Gifts Celebrate the Occasion

For any occasion in a baby’s life, custom embroidered baby blankets offer a memorable way to celebrate. Mark the day with a premium blanket on the baby’s birthday, adoption day, or baptism day.

If you like, your message can mark the happy event, date, and what the day means to the baby and you. Later, the blanket becomes a cherished keepsake they take with them from childhood into later life. Thus, honoring the baby’s special day brings joy that can continue for a lifetime.

New Traditions Arise

Everything changes when a baby arrives and the time comes to create new traditions. What could be more exciting than starting a tradition of honoring new babies’ arrivals? With My Story custom embroidered baby blankets, you can get into the excellent habit of sharing your thoughts on babies’ events from this moment on.

When each baby becomes a part of your world, you can send them your love and congratulations with a My Story baby blanket. As time goes on, parents in your circle begin to look forward to this elegant gift and feel incredibly blessed by your thoughtfulness.

How It Works

Are you wondering how to make your My Story wishes come true?

We made the process amazingly fast and easy. All you need to do is choose your blanket and message. Then, we do everything required to ensure your recipient gets a marvelous gift as soon as possible. Here’s how it works.

You Choose from Our Selection of Soft, Cozy Blankets

Start by choosing the type of blanket you like. Next, select the colors for both the blanket and the embroidery. Our blanket selection includes personalized custom embroidered baby blankets for birth, adoption, and baptism in the following blanket types:

Alternatively, you can choose a gift card, so the parents can select their preferred blanket and a message that speaks to their hearts.

You Provide the Message That Is in Your Heart

All our custom embroidered baby blankets, whether Birth Story Blankets, Adoption Story Blankets, or Baptism Story Blankets, lists a standard message with blanks for you to fill in the pertinent information. However, this message is only a suggestion.

You are always free to select a different message if you like. Make it as original and personal as you want. We look forward to embroidering your gift with your most creative message!

We Embroider Baby Blankets with Your Unique Message

All our custom embroidered baby blankets come with your unique message embroidered on the satin border that frames the edges. We take special care to ensure we render your message beautifully and faithfully in finely embroidered stitches. Our greatest goal is to create a timeless treasure for babies and families alike.

We Wrap and Ship Baby’s Blanket with the Utmost Care

After we complete your blanket, we add the finishing touch. We roll up the blanket into a soft bundle. Then, we tie it with a luxurious satin ribbon. We place the gift package into an organza bag and add your message on the gift note. Finally, we ship your package to whatever location you asked us to send it, just as we have shipped over 12,000 other custom embroidered baby blankets.

Your Unique Gift Arrives as a Happy Reminder of Your Love

Picture it. Your gift arrives, and the parents hurry to find out what is inside. The excitement is palpable as they open the luxurious packaging. Delighted, they discover a beautiful, soft blanket. Then, they see your heartfelt message. Later, they wrap the blanket around the baby, who squeals with pleasure. When they take the baby for an outing, all their friends and family ooh and aah. Then, back at home, baby drifts off into the most peaceful slumber, warm and secure in their new My Story Blanket.

We Stand by Our Custom Embroidered Baby Blankets

We go the extra mile to ensure your baby’s My Story blanket meets your highest expectations. At every step along the way, we take extra care to create custom embroidered baby blankets to bless the baby and make you proud you gave this charming gift. If you ever have a question or a problem, we encourage you to communicate with us. Above all, we want you, the baby, and their family to be nothing but happy and satisfied with your gift.

Start Your My Story Blankets Journey Today!

Are you ready to give the baby in your life something special of their very own?

Your journey can begin today with a few simple choices. Visit our products page to discover all the attractive options. Have fun browsing the options, selecting your favorites, and placing your order for custom embroidered baby blankets. After that, your gift will arrive at the baby’s home to carry your message and celebrate their special day. We can’t wait to make this glorious moment happen!