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Personalized Baby Blanket with Birth Info

When it comes to a new baby, there are so many things that people want to know and that parents want to keep track of. Think of the last time you received a birth announcement. You probably received some sort of card in the email or you saw the exciting news on Facebook. And what was included in that announcement other than the baby’s name? Well, if it was like most announcements, it included the baby’s vital statistics and other relevant birth information. That’s because these facts help draw people together and help you to celebrate the new baby.

A baby’s birth information tells their birth story

The baby’s name, date of birth, time of birth, weight, and length, all tell an important story about the new baby. These small details help to encompass the baby’s birth story. And, even when the baby gets older, it’s not uncommon for others to ask about the child’s birth weight.

So, when it comes to special gifts for the new baby, why not consider the gift of a personalized baby blanket with birth information? Sure, when the new baby arrives, you can head to your local department store and pick out a soft, velvety blanket for the new baby. Surely, you can imagine parent and baby snuggling together at the end of a long day, with the baby all safely swaddled in their blanket. But imagine if that gift took things just a step further, and documented all of that precious information? Well, if you’re like the team here at My Story Blankets, then you probably know that a gift such as that has gone from being just another blanket to a precious heirloom.

5 Reasons to Gift a Personalized Baby Blanket with Birth Info

The next time a new baby arrives and you are scratching your head about the best give to give, consider a customized birth baby blanket. And don’t worry if you need a gift for a baby shower for a baby-to-be. A My Story Blanket gift card makes the perfect gift, and ensures that the baby’s parents can order the perfect customized birth baby blanket after their bundle of joy arrives.

personalized minky dot blanket with child's birth info


A personalized baby blanket with birth info is a one-of-a-kind gift.

No other baby will have a blanket quite like it, because the blanket will contain those special details that are that baby’s alone.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. A customized birth baby blanket makes a great photo prop. Parents will love taking photos of their new baby wrapped in a lovely blue fleece blanket for a baby boy. Or a soft pink fleece for a girl.  Especially when the baby’s name and other details are featured directly on the blanket.

personalized baby blanket with siblings birth info
pile of my story baby blankets


It’s easier for new parents to keep track of a personalized baby blanket at the park or at daycare. The baby’s personalized blanket is less likely to be tucked into the wrong diaper bag.


A customized birth baby blanket is a keepsake that the baby and their parents will cherish forever. Even when the little one is all grown up, they’ll likely remember this special blanket and the person who gave it to them.

child holding minky dot personalized blanket
stuffed elephant toy on muslin stack custom blankets


Last but not least because it is probably the most important, is that the baby and their parents will know you thought of them. With a personalized baby blanket with birth info as the gift, it will be obvious you didn’t just run to the mall. The recipient will know that you took the time to do something special.

Personalized baby blankets with birth information are more than just a birth story

Though we truly believe that customized birth baby blankets are a great way to tell the birth story, there is more to it than that. When it comes to a baby blanket, it is critical that the blanket provides just the right amount of warmth and comfort. At the same time, the blanket needs to be soft and delicate on the baby’s skin.

Personalized baby blankets with birth information from My Story offer just amount of warmth and comfort that baby needs.

Buying a customized birth baby blanket is easy – even before the baby is born

My Story Baby Blankets makes the gift buying process easy. If you need a gift for a baby that hasn’t been born yet, then a gift card is the way to go. Choose the amount needed for the gift card based on the My Story Baby Blanket that you want to purchase, and don’t forget to add enough to cover shipping. Enter the email address of the gift receipt and include a special message. Then check out – easy as can be!

If the baby has already joined the world, then all you need to do is pick the right blanket for the baby. Since there are six kinds of blankets that baby’s need, we can promise you that one of our blankets will make the perfect gift. Whether it be a swaddling blanket, receiving blanket, crib blanket, floor time blanket, security blanket, or stroller blanket, personalized blankets with birth information make excellent gifts.

newborn swaddle in perfect baby blanket

Order a personalized baby blanket with birth information in just three easy steps

Once you find the right blanket, we make the rest easy.

Simply choose the embroidery color from the list of options. Decide what birth information details to add. Then check out via PayPal or with a secured payment method.

Your personalized baby blanket with birth info will be delivered before you know it, and you’ll see for yourself why My Story Blankets puts love into every stitch.