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Personalized Baby Blankets

We Specialize in Personalized Baby Blankets

As a new life enters the world, you seek the perfect gift to welcome this precious one to the planet. What is more, that search can be long, tiring, and frustrating. Fortunately, here at My Story Blankets, we have the ideal answer to your quest – personalized baby blankets made especially for you.

What Are My Story Personalized Baby Blankets?

Personalized baby blankets fulfill all your needs for a one-of-a-kind baby gift that parents and babies alike can enjoy immediately and cherish for years to come. So, what are our personalized baby blankets? They are top-quality baby blankets embroidered with the unique message you want to share.

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Top Quality Baby Blankets

Our baby blankets are exquisitely crafted from superior materials for excellent quality every time. Best of all, you can find your favorite My Story personalized baby blankets easily by making a few simple selections. 

First, choose from several fabrics, solid or print, and an array of gorgeous colors. Our blankets come in four beautiful styles: Minky Dot Lovey, Thermal Cotton Blend, Cotton Muslin Print, and Luxury Plush. With both our soft microfiber and cotton blankets, you create a warm, cozy space gentle enough for any baby. Even better, you protect the baby’s tender skin when you choose our hypoallergenic blankets. Plus, each blanket has a silky border, firmly stitched and secured to stay in place for the long term. 

Custom Embroidered Baby Blankets

Now, what makes each of our personalized baby blankets so unique? To put it simply, we add embroidery on the border after you send your request. You can select from standard messages, inserting relevant dates and names. Or, if you prefer, you can create your own message with words and numbers that hold significance for you, the baby, and their parents. As a result, they get a personalized baby blanket unlike any other.

Delivered with Care

After shipping over 12,000 My Story personalized baby blankets, we have delivery down to a science. When your package arrives, the baby’s parents will delight in its beautiful wrapping and shiny silk ribbon. Attached, they will find your personal note of congratulations. And inside the lovely wrapping, they will find something unexpected – a gift that eloquently conveys your message of love.

Give the Gift of a Personalized Blanket for a New Baby

When it comes to a gift for a baby, there are many choices. Typical gifts at a baby shower or after the baby come home tend to be diapers, bibs, bottles, baby toiletries, baby cleaning supplies, and laundry essentials, and you guessed it, baby blankets. Whether it be a cotton blend blanket and security buddy, a personalized lovey, a 30” x 35” blanket perfect for floor-time, a traditional muslin blanket with a print, or other, there are many excellent options for that new baby.

Personalize your special gift for the baby with the baby’s name, birth date, vital statistics, and a special message. Not only will the baby cherish the gift forever, but the new parents will too.

Script Your Unique Message

Writing a message for a new baby can be challenging. What can you say at a time so filled with joy? What do you want to make note of on this happy occasion? Moreover, what do you want them to see when they look at their personalized blankets as they grow up? Never fear! You have so many options making it easier to order and customize.

Significant Names

What name is more significant than the baby’s own? Maybe it’s a new name or one that the parents chose from past generations. Wherever the name came from, it now describes someone who is wholly unique. Also, you might want to add your own name. “With Love from Aunt Astrid” would keep you in their thoughts and remind them that you cared enough to send a marvelous Birth Story Blanket to commemorate their arrival. To make it even more specific to them, you can add their birth weight and length.

Meaningful Dates

Many people choose to place the baby’s birth date on their personalized baby blankets. After all, they will celebrate that date for the rest of their lives. On the other hand, you might want to send the gift before the birth date is known, such as for a baby shower. In that case, you could include the date of the shower or some other date that is meaningful for their family. And for those who bring a new baby into their family through adoption, you can choose a My Story Personalized Adoption Blanket with the adoption date in beautiful embroidery around the edge.

Family Ties

When a baby is born, a family grows and welcomes its new member. Thus, many people like to place the baby’s relatives’ names on personalized baby blankets borders. Consider this idea: List their name along with their parents’ and siblings’ names. Furthermore, you can tie it all together with a few words of welcome. For example, you could list the parents’ and baby’s names and add “And Baby Makes Three.”

Special Events

Special occasions and milestones fill a baby’s first years. For instance, you can choose a My Story Personalized Baptism Blanket and have that date embroidered on the border. Besides that, you can add a Bible verse or a blessing of your own for a wonderful recognition of their special day.

Words of Wisdom

The older we get, the more accumulated wisdom we carry. Furthermore, when a new child comes along, we want to share our thoughts and conclusions about life. A Personalized Baby Blanket gives you the perfect opportunity to share the words that matter most to you. Whether you heard these words from your older relatives, read them in a book, or come up with them on your own, sharing them with this new baby carries on their meaning for another generation.

Beautiful Sayings

Think about adding some elegant words to the baby’s personalized blanket. You can choose simple, sweet sayings, like “Sweet Dreams” or “We Love You.” Beyond that, you can get even more creative by adding a line of poetry or the lyrics of a favorite song. Look for the perfect words in your favorite books or write your own poetic thoughts of the day.

Luxury plush personalized blankets in 30” x 40” are excellent gifts for years to come, especially when personalized with a special message for the child.

Personalized cotton blankets in 36” x 50” are also a great choice, especially since babies and toddlers love to run their fingers and toes through the silky soft satin along the border.

Personalizing a Baby Blanket is Easy

If you are looking to gift a personalized baby blanket, the process to personalize and place an order is easy.


Choose your embroidery color, blanket size, and color (as applicable based on the specific product).


Choose to add your personalization details now or later.


Check out via PayPal or with our secured payment method.

Expect Only the Best from My Story Blankets!

No matter which of our personalized baby blankets you choose, you can be sure that its quality goes beyond everything you might have expected. We make your blanket with great care and attention to detail. Knowing this, you can give these gifts with pride and assurance that they will look beautiful, hold up well, and express your love in the most positive way for years to come. Each baby is creating their own brand-new story. With My Story personalized blankets, you not only recognize their story, but you weave your heart’s wishes into the fabric of their life.

Personalized blankets offer a wonderful way for the gift giver to become part of the story for whoever the blanket is gifted to. Whether it be a simple message or a more complex message of love, a blessing, or more, whatever you select is sure to be cherished forever. Make yourself part of their story, with My Story Blankets, where there is love in every stitch.