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Blankets Make us Feel Warm and Loved

The first blanket was invented back in the 14th century by a weaver in Bristol, England, Thomas Blanquette. Blanquette realized that he could weave a blanket from wool that could be warm and fire-resistant. Since then, blankets are used for a variety of purposes. Of course, the main reason for a blanket is to stay warm. The enveloping qualities of a blanket also much-needed comfort. Today, blankets are used for swaddling newborn babies to keep them warm and secure. Toddlers often take their favorite personalized blankets to bed with them, the familiarity of the blanket providing them with much-needed security as they close their eyes each night.

Churches are known to provide blankets to the ill or those suffering a tragedy or loss. The belief is that the gifted blanket will provide peace and that when they wrap the blanket around themselves, they will feel the love and care that went into making the blanket. When a loved one passes, a blanket is often wrapped around them or splayed across their lap before burial. The fact is, blankets have been used when people are first born and throughout their lives, all the way until death.

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Why Personalized Blankets Tell a Story – My Story

When you consider the significance of a blanket and add personalization to the mix, you create something unique. Humans have craved personalization for as long as blankets have been around; they didn’t always think to make a personalized blanket (at least not in the way we do today). Think of how a personalized gift makes you feel. You feel special, as though the person who gave the gift really thought about you and did more than grab a gift for you the night before.

Personalized gifts, especially personalized blankets, create a personal connection between the giver and the recipient. Personalized blankets allow people to materialize their relationships. When a baby is born, friends and loved ones will often gift a blanket to the new child. We all know that babies go through many blankets, but those that have been personalized tend to hold a special place in the heart of the parents of that child.

As we get older, this need for connection between our family and friends never goes away. And it would seem that we tend to use blankets almost as often as adults as we did when we were young. Perhaps we wrap a blanket around our legs when sitting outside watching our child play in a team sport during the colder weather, especially during football and outdoor hockey season. Even little kids love to cuddle under blankets in front of a warm fire as we take in the latest children’s film on Netflix. We wrap ourselves up in a blanket when camping outdoors or sitting around a bonfire with family and friends. And for babies, in particular, there is a blanket for just about every occasion.

Give the Gift of a Personalized Blanket for a New Baby

When it comes to a gift for a baby, there are many choices. Typical gifts at a baby shower or after the baby come home tend to be diapers, bibs, bottles, baby toiletries, baby cleaning supplies, and laundry essentials, and you guessed it, baby blankets. Whether it be a cotton blend blanket and security buddy, a personalized lovey, a 30” x 35” blanket perfect for floor-time, a traditional muslin blanket with a print, or other, there are many excellent options for that new baby.

Personalize your special gift for the baby with the baby’s name, birth date, vital statistics, and a special message. Not only will the baby cherish the gift forever, but the new parents will too.

Make Adoption More Special with a Personalized Blanket

Adoption is a beautiful process that provides loving parents across the world with children to love and care for. Unfortunately, often adoptive parents miss out on the experience of a baby shower for their new child or are usually quite active when their new child comes home that there isn’t time for a special celebration.

Why not make the day of new adoptive parents with a personalized blanket for their child?

Luxury plush personalized blankets in 30” x 40” are excellent gifts for years to come, especially when personalized with a special message for the child.

Personalized cotton blankets in 36” x 50” are also a great choice, especially since babies and toddlers love to run their fingers and toes through the silky soft satin along the border.

Whichever personalized adoption blanket you choose, these blankets are perfect for the newest family member. Choose to embroider the child’s name, date of birth, date of adoption, mom, dad, and siblings’ names, and more.

Personalized Blankets are Perfect Baptismal and Christening Gifts

Suppose you are the proud Godparent, sponsor, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or other of a child that will be blessed with an upcoming baptism or christening. In that case, personalized blankets make an excellent gift. Consider a cotton blend personalized baptismal blanket, a minky-dot personalized christening blanket, or a luxury plush personalized baptismal blanket. Parents and children will love a personalized message with their baptismal date, a special blessing, a quote, or more.

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Personalizing a Baby Blanket is Easy

If you are looking to gift a personalized baby blanket, the process to personalize and place an order is easy.


Choose your embroidery color, blanket size, and color (as applicable based on the specific product).


Choose to add your personalization details now or later.


Check out via PayPal or with our secured payment method.

Personalized blankets offer a wonderful way for the gift giver to become part of the story for whoever the blanket is gifted to. Whether it be a simple message or a more complex message of love, a blessing, or more, whatever you select is sure to be cherished forever. Make yourself part of their story, with My Story Blankets, where there is love in every stitch.