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Story Blankets – The Perfect Custom Baby Gift

What is a Story Blanket?

When you think of a story blanket, a variety of images probably pop into your mind. You think of time spent nestled on the couch reading your favorite book. Perhaps you think about cuddling with your little ones, reading them a story in bed before they fall asleep for the night. And not only do we have images of what we are doing when we are reading stories, but the best stories often leave images in our heads. If not for hours, pr days or months to come after the story has been devoured.

Stories are Associated with Memories

The fact is that stories have a link with memories – and usually the best of memories. This is part of how My Story Blankets got its name. Our story came to life over two decades ago when we began creating personalized items for friends and family. We want to create something unique that would be remembered for years to come – like the very best story.
Throughout the years and many blankets later, My Story Blankets remains the same. Also, we believe the story you create is as important as the product we make. We take the most precious of life’s moments and embroider the words into a gorgeous blanket. We help you create a special gift that will tell the story of those we love the most through our process. And that story will last forever.

Telling a Story

So how do story blankets actually tell stories? Well, this is where the art of literal and figurative interpretation comes into play. Figuratively, story blankets are perfect for bundling up the baby. And also reading a book aloud to help your baby learn articulation and become familiar with the art of language. Maybe it is that special snuggle time when you are figuring out how to best soothe your baby. Your story blanket is all about what you make it to be. It’s about creating those special memories for the recipient of the blanket. After all, life is too short and precious not to be remembered.

But then, how does a blanket literally tell a story? Well, this is where My Story Blankets comes into play. After all, baby blankets continue to be a unique baby gift. Most new parents will tell you that there can never be too many blankets. And, there are six kinds of blankets that babies need, at a minimum. From crib blankets to floor-time blankets and swaddling blankets, baby blankets are great gifts. And personalized baby blankets make an ideal gift that parents and babies will love.

Personalizing the Story Blanket for a Literal Storytelling Experience

With a story blanket, however, you can personalize the blanket experience. For example, with our luxury plush personalized blanket, you can add the baby’s name, date of birth, time, weight, length, mom’s name, dad’s name, and siblings’ names. More so, you can add a prayer, such as “God in heaven hear my prayer and keep me in thy loving care. Be my guide in all I do and bless all those who love me too. Amen.” And all blankets begin with “Welcome to the world.” Then, of course, you can choose different phrasing such “God Bless” or “Sweet Dreams” as a continuing phrase to fill the rest of the blanket. Or, if you have something different you want to say on the blanket, all you need to do is contact us to discuss. The literal storytelling is up to you.

Perhaps a baptismal blanket is more suited to your gift-giving tastes. You can add the baby’s name, baptized into Christ (date) at (church) in (location), and godparents are (names). Then, you can add a prayer, a bible verse, or a special saying that is meaningful to you, the parents, and the baby. The choice is really up to you. With a story blanket, it’s all about creating the story that makes sense for you and what you want to remember or be remembered by.

By personalizing a blanket, you are creating a legacy – a literal one. Your baby will cherish their blanket for more than just their infancy and toddler years. Our blankets are designed to last forever and can make precious heirlooms. Imagine telling the story of your child’s story blanket at their high school graduation party or on their wedding day. Parents love personalized gifts that are stitched with love, and that is precisely what story blankets are.

Story blankets make the perfect gift

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, you can rest assured that story blankets make perfect gifts. But, no matter which My Story Blanket you choose to gift, or whatever it is that you want it to say, you are creating a story. Stories are designed so that we can share information in a way that creates a connection between humans. Plus stories help us understand one another, and they create memories. And because stories are emotional, they give us a better understanding of our experiences.

Let us help you create a story to remember with a My Story Blanket. The story is yours to create, and our job is to put love into every stitch.

story blankets given as a gift are on a chair

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