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Thank you!

Thank you, received today and looks great as always. My now 6 yr old daughter received one when she was born and she still uses it for herself or her dolls. It was my favorite gift and I’ve ordered many as gifts since with very appreciative responses.

Bellmore, New York

Best personalized baby gift ever

My daughter received a blanket for a present when she was born. It quickly became her favorite and 3 years later she does not go to sleep without her blankie. It has become my gift to all my friends and their newborns. They love them as well.

Debbie - Rockford, IL

Nothing Like It!

I have received and given this blanket numerous times. It is always a hit. Wonderful people to work with and the blankets are favorites for every child who has gotten one. Thanks.

Kristen Carty - Suffield, CT

The Perfect Baby Blanket

This is a gift that I give all my friends and family. Whenever a new baby is born, it is now expected that they will receive one. They wait with anticipation, hoping that the next gift will be their blanket. I am now up to 10 blankets in just over the past two years…and there will be many more!! Do not hesitate to order you will be so pleased and the receiver will treasure it forever!

Pam B. - Naperville, IL 

Beautiful personalized baby blanket

I received a pink thermal acrylic blanket for my daughter from some very dear friends in October. I love this blanket! To have it so personalized with all of my family’s information is so meaningful! The quality of the blanket is wonderful and the stitching is beautiful! It is so soft and the more it gets washed, the softer it gets but it still stays strong and beautiful!! I bring the blanket everywhere!! I plan to order many blankets from you in the near future! Thank you so much for taking pride in your work and offering such a wonderful and unique product!

Kristi - North Aurora, IL 

The Gift that stood out among the rest!

When I received this gift I could not get over the ‘Sweet Dreams Jarrett’ part with the hearts and trains. I just loved it so much that I showed everyone who came over. I didn’t even realize how personalized it was until the 3rd time I read it. It became even more special to have after that moment. I will definitely order this for future babies to come! A perfect gift!

Robyn - Glen Ridge, NJ


We just received the personalized blanket as a gift for the birth of our son. I have never seen anything like it before and I am completely in love with it! I’ve already ordered one to give to a friend! What a great gift and wonderful way to commemorate the birth of a baby!

Jeanne - Buffalo, NY


I have been waiting for one of our family or friends to have a baby so I could send the cashmere blanket as a gift! Our third child received the same one when she was born and it is the one and only blankie she LOVES. So sweet, well made and super soft!

Jeanne Boston, MA

Memories for Life

I received my first personalized blanket over 6 years ago for the birth of my second child. I loved it so much I ordered one myself, for my oldest child. When I had my third child, I anxiously awaited one for her! When it didn’t come, I ordered that one as well! That was over 4 years ago and it still goes everywhere we go!! I have given well over 10 as gifts and everyone raves about how wonderful and memorable they are. Keep up the good work!

Jenn S. Alton, IL

So Sweet

My twins each received a blanket shortly after they were born from my sister-in-law. They were in the NICU for 84 days and it was so nice to have something personalized delivered to me. It really cheered me up and everyone in the NICU thought it was the sweetest gift. They were wrapped up in that blanket when they got out of their isoletes and into a bassinet. I just sent one to a friend who has a preemie and I am so excited for her to get it, we just LOVE ours.

Nicole, Grand Rapids, WI

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