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Top 6 Kinds of Blankets that Babies Need

A Baby Needs A Lot of Stuff

Having a baby sure requires having a lot of stuff. From bibs and burp cloths to bottles, formula, and breastfeeding supplies, to diapers, ointments, changing pads, and more, the list of baby needs can seem bottomless. And in addition to all of these other baby supply necessities, babies need blankets too – lots of them.

If you are a new parent and planning for your baby or adopted child, or if you are looking for the best gift for an upcoming baby shower, adoption party, or visit to meet a new baby, we’ll let you know the top six kinds of blankets that babies need. Though it can vary as to when babies can have blankets, the reality is that there is a blanket for every stage of their young lives.

And, a personalized blanket from MyStory Blankets might be just what the new baby needs.

newborn with personalized blanket

1. Swaddling blankets

These blankets do just what it sounds like; they swaddle the baby. Swaddling is a well-known strategy for parents looking to comfort their babies. New babies often like to be confined inside a swaddling blanket as it helps them control their movements and feels much like when they were inside the womb. Swaddling blankets are one of the best ways to soothe a baby, and therefore are a popular gift item.

2. Receiving blankets

Receiving blankets are very similar to swaddling blankets but are a bit larger. Most hospitals will wrap a new baby in a receiving blanket but recommend a swaddling blanket once the baby is home and until he or she gets bigger. Receiving blankets are perfect for babies once they get a bit bigger. Muslin blankets work very well as receiving blankets for larger babies and young toddlers.

3. Crib blankets

Unlike crib sheets, crib blankets are intended to stay in your child’s crib. Most young children haul blankets all over the house, and as such, it is often nice to have a blanket that stays in your child’s crib, just for nap and sleep time. Though there is no specific age for when it is safe to have a blanket in a child’s crib, the American Academy of Pediatrics feels that blankets are generally safe after the baby is 12 months old, and especially after they are 18 months old. Most parents prefer thermal baby blankets, lovey-type blankets, and blanket buddies for the crib.

4. Floortime blankets

All babies need to spend time on the floor. Tummy time is significant for babies to develop their neck strength and ensure that they do not establish flat-head syndrome. Floortime blankets are best when they are at least 30’ x 40” so that the baby has plenty of room to roll over without coming into contact with the floor.

5. Security blankets

As we have already indicated, many young children love to carry blankets around with them during the day. Whether it is a blanket buddy or a larger security blanket, these blankets provide a source of stability, often bringing comfort and security to the child.

6. Stroller blankets

As we get out and about in the world, we often let our children enjoy stroller time when we’re walking around the neighborhood, walking throughout a nearby shopping mall, or taking in a cold-weather parade. In these instances, your young baby or toddler can easily take on a chill, and thus a stroller blanket can be tucked around them to keep them warm.

Personalized Blankets Make Excellent Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

A personalized blanket from MyStory Blankets allows the gift-giver to provide a unique and memorable gift straight from the heart. Not only does a personalized blanket show love and personalization from whoever is giving the gift, but a MyStory blanket has love in every stitch, ensuring that baby or toddler is warm, safe, and loved in their new blanket.

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