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10 Unique Baby Gifts

For many, the birth or adoption of a child is one of the most exciting moments of their lives. And, indeed, welcoming a new baby into the world is a reason for quite the celebration. This is where unique baby gifts come into play. Giving a baby gift is a fantastic way to share the joy with the new parents. With gifts that will last a lifetime and gifts for the here and now, new parents love the opportunity to unwrap a gift given with love. But gift-givers don’t want to give just the same old gift that everyone else will give.

So, if you want to give a unique baby gift for the new baby, you’re probably trying to think of where to start. Do you want something useful that has a purpose? Or are you thinking of something more sentimental? The truth is that you really can’t go wrong when it comes to the perfect baby gift. However, there are some unique baby gift ideas that you might want to put at the top of your shopping list.

1. Baby blankets

Can a baby have too many blankets? Most new parents will tell you that no, there can never be too many blankets. After all, there are at least six kinds of blankets that babies need. From crib blankets to floor-time blankets and blankets perfect for swaddling babies during the day, baby blankets are great gifts. And personalized baby blankets make an ideal gift that parents and babies will love.

baby girl with baby blanket as a unique baby gift
baby with pacifier as a unique baby gift

2. Fun baby pacifiers

Many parents like to give their babies a pacifier to help calm them and to satisfy a young baby’s need to suck. But when a pacifier gets stuck in a baby’s mouth, it can be hard to see that adorable little face. Fun baby pacifiers such as mustache pacifiers can make a fun and unique gift. Check your local baby store or online for a unique baby pacifier.

3. Pacifier cords

Pacifiers can bring comfort and help soothe a new baby. Unfortunately, nothing can be worse than when the baby spits out the pacifier, and it gets lost, never to be found again. Pacifier cords and tethers can come in handy. These nifty cords ensure that the pacifier is easy to find again even if the baby no longer wants it. So whether you want a silicone pacifier holder or something more creative, new parents will appreciate this gift’s convenience.

4. Teething tethers

Along the lines of an easily lost pacifier, teething toys are something that new parents will come to appreciate and not want to lose when their baby starts cutting some teeth. A teething tether keeps the teething ring close by so that baby doesn’t lose it and has something to gnaw on when their gums get sore.

5. Organic gripper baby booties

If you have ever had a baby, you know how easily booties and socks can slide off a baby’s foot. These organic gripper baby booties are not only stylish but will stay on your baby’s feet no matter how much they kick, wiggle, and squirm.

6. Wooden name puzzles or blocks

No one said that the perfect baby gift has to be one that baby will use right now. However, many gift-givers love to give a gift that the baby will grow into, and we’re not talking just about clothes. Baby blocks and puzzles are gifts that stand the test of time, and wooden name puzzles and blocks are more popular than ever. Check out Etsy for fun ideas for personalized wooden name puzzles and baby blocks that parents and babies both will love.

baby with blocks and puzzles as a unique baby gift
baby with personalized book

7. Shopping cart hammock

Parents don’t always want to lug a new baby’s car seat into the grocery store or out shopping for the day. Not only that, but grocery carts can be a cesspool of germs. Consider purchasing a shopping cart hammock that parents can place in the shopping cart so that baby can lie comfortably during the shopping trip. Binxy Baby makes a comfortable option, though other brands are likely available with a quick online search.

8. Personalized baby books

Of course, the team at MyStory Blankets loves anything personalized, from blankets to books. And, we think that parents and babies will also love a personalized book. Etsy features a host of artisans that can help you put together something special and unique that no other baby will have.

9. Digital baby portrait

Parents love photos of their babies, but they appreciate photo gifts that have a unique touch. A popular and unique baby gift item in 2021 includes digital custom portraits capturing a moment in time. One of our favorite options is this digital baby portrait available through Etsy. All you need to do is upload a photo and share any text you want on the picture. The artist will then provide a digital proof for you to approve before you place your order.

10. Owlet sock

New parents tend to worry about their new baby, often checking in on the baby multiple times throughout the night. The Owlet sock is an incredible technology that provides peace of mind to new parents, providing updates on the baby’s oxygen level, heart rate, and sleep trends throughout the night. Several different Owlet sock models are available, so do a search online and decide which one is best for the baby on your gift list.

baby girl with personalized blanket

No matter what unique baby gift you give, the new parents and baby will be sure to love it.

When you give gifts from the heart, the recipient will know the love and thought you put into the purchase. With MyStory Blankets, we put love into every stitch, and that makes us confident that baby and parents will love whatever blanket you choose. And if you decide that a different gift is right for the baby on your list, then the parents will be sure to appreciate the gesture. So, happy shopping!

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