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Our Personalized Fleece Baby Blankets Have Love in Every Stitch

Many moms will be the first to tell you that fleece is the best material for baby blankets. Muslin, cotton blends, and other fabrics make for soft and comfy baby blankets. But, there are just a few things that make personalized fleece baby blankets stand out from the rest.

  • Fleece material is soft and breathable
  • Babies will find fleece blankets warm and insulating, making them feel more secure
  • Fleece material is known to be less allergenic, which means it is more tolerable to those with wool allergies
  • Everyone can appreciate the importance of protecting our environment, and fleece is eco-friendly and is made out of natural materials
  • Fleece wicks away moisture and dries easily
  • Personalized fleece baby blankets are durable and inexpensive

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Why are Personalized Fleece Baby Blankets Such a Great Gift?

Soft fleece baby blankets tend to be a favorite gift for new babies. Fleece is not only highly durable but it is known to stand the test of time. And fleece baby blankets can serve many purposes, especially when the blanket grows along with your baby. Fleece blankets are great to tuck around your baby’s legs in the stroller on a cold afternoon.

Fleece baby blankets are also perfect for laying on the floor as a play blanket. Lay the blanket on the floor when it is time to practice tummy time or play with toys. And we can personalize fleece blankets. This makes them not only the perfect gift for a baby but a one-of-a-kind gift too. For these reasons, new moms love receiving fleece blankets for their babies.

Nine Reasons Why Personalized Fleece Baby Blankets are the Perfect Gift

If the above doesn’t sound like reason enough, check out this list of nine reasons why personalized fleece baby blankets make the perfect gift.

1. One of a Kind

Personalized baby blankets are a one-of-a-kind gift. Gift givers can rest assured that no one else will have a blanket quite like it.

2. Personalized Fleece Baby Blankets Make Great Photo Props

Personalized baby blankets make great photo props or accessories, and we all know how much parents love to take photos of their new babies. Consider a lovely blue fleece blanket for a new baby boy or a soft pink fleece for a new baby girl. Parents will love taking photos of their new baby wrapped in their blanket with the baby’s name and date of birth or other particular date sewn right on the blanket.

3. Personalize with Any Name

My Story can personalize a fleece baby blanket with any name. So, if the baby you are buying for has an unusual name or a unique spelling, you don’t have to worry about searching high and low for a gift with the correct name and spelling. With a personalized fleece baby blanket from My Story, you can stitch almost anything directly onto the blanket. Common personalization choices include the baby’s name along with one of the following:

  • Baby’s birthdate
  • Day of birth
  • Time of delivery
  • Vital statistics, including weight and length
  • Parent’s names
  • Sibling’s names
little girl holding her personalized fleece baby blanket

4. Personalize with Vital Statistics or a Special Note

The baby’s name, birthdate, day of birth, time of birth, vital statistics, parent’s names, and sibling’s names are typical choices for personalization on a fleece blanket to be given as a baby gift. But, gift-givers can also consider something more unique such as a bible verse, poem, or words written by the gift-giver themselves.

5. Consider a Matching Sibling Gift

When the baby happens to have older brothers or sisters, give-givers often want to do something special for the siblings. Why not consider a personalized fleece baby blanket for the siblings too? You can personalize the fleece sibling blankets with the sibling’s name and a phrase such as “big sister,” “big brother.” You can also come up with something on your own. Including the siblings with a gift of their own can make them feel special and make sure that they are not forgotten.

6. Make Your Blanket into a Wall Hanging

When the baby grows older, parents can hang a personalized fleece baby blanket on the wall to serve as wall art. Suppose the baby already has some blankets to use in the stroller or for napping. In that case, a personalized blanket can create a bright and fun splash of color on the nursery walls.

7. No More Visits to the Lost and Found

Personalized blankets are far easier to keep track of than generic blankets that you can purchase off the shelf at a local department store. Parents and guardians will know which blanket belongs to their child, and the child won’t have any doubt either – after all, a personalized fleece baby blanket will have the child’s name on it, making the blanket theirs and theirs alone.

8. Babies Love Fun Things to Gaze At

All babies love something fun to look at. Thus, a personalized fleece baby blanket will visually attract the little one you gift it to. As the baby grows into a toddler and later a preschooler, they will inevitably learn their letters and numbers. Over time, they will begin to identify the letters in their name and the numbers in their birth date.

9. Keepsakes are Precious

Keepsakes can be pretty precious, and as the baby grows up, they’ll enjoy sneaking a cuddle now and then with the blanket that they grew up with. And, because the blanket is personalized, it is far more likely to be cherished forever.

Fleece Blankets are Warm, Soft, and Comforting

When it comes to a baby blanket, it needs to provide just the right amount of warmth and comfort while also being soft and delicate on the baby’s skin. And personalized fleece baby blankets from My Story offer just the right amount of warmth and comfort. Made out of all-natural materials, My Story personalized fleece blankets are soft and can give your baby the reassurance that they seek. Not only that, but My Story personalized fleece blankets are an excellent gift from those who want to help spread their love to a new baby.

Personalized Fleece Baby Blankets are a Gift for Many Occasions

If you are looking for a gift for the birth of a new baby, a first birthday, a Christening or baptism, or one of many other major milestones in a young child’s life, a personalized fleece baby blanket is the perfect gift. Blankets can come in handy at any time, whether it be when cuddling up to watch a movie on the couch with mom or day, when going for a stroller ride on a cold day, for a professional photo session, or a host of many other daily activities. My Story’s personalized fleece baby blanket is sure to please, especially since we put love into every stitch.