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When Can Babies Have Blankets?

When Can Babies Have Blankets?

Parents seek to keep their children safe, no matter how old that child may be. Keeping your child safe is one of the best gestures of love that a parent can give, and it starts the very moment they are born.

We soothe our babies when they are distraught, we play with our toddlers when we want to solicit a giggle or two, and we refrain from providing our children with items that could harm them. It’s hard to believe that a blanket could do anything but give comfort to a child, but parents need to be thoughtful when considering when babies can have blankets.

No Baby Blankets at Bed Time for the First Year

Most health care professionals recommend that loose bedding and soft objects, including loveys, stuffed animals, etc., are not included in the sleeping area until the baby is at least one year of age. This recommendation is primarily based on SIDS risk factors (sudden infant death syndrome) but is also designed to help lessen the risk of choking and other hazards. And though it is recommended that no soft items are in the crib for at least one year, many parents wait longer to ensure added safety for their child.

Once parents and the child’s pediatrician determine that the child is old enough for a blanket, it is also essential to consider the blanket’s thickness, fabric type, edging, and overall size. Larger blankets can become strangulation and suffocation hazards. Thicker, quilted blankets are better served for floor-time or when the child is cuddling with a supervising adult. In contrast, muslin blankets are often the better choice for younger children due to muslin’s breathable fabric.

Weighted blankets, which create a swaddling effect, should be reserved for older children who sleep in a youth-sized bed, not a crib or toddler bed. When a child is older, even blankets with long strings or ribbons along the edge aren’t best for sleepy time as these edges can come loose and become a choking hazard. Ribbon-edged blankets are excellent choices for preschool children or older children at bedtime, but only when they are in new condition and free from frays or ripped edges.

Keep Stuffed Toys Out of Baby Cribs

Plush toys, including security blanket buddies, are excellent choices for children under the close eye of a parent or other responsible adult. However, these items are not suggested for the crib as they can be suffocation risks.

Similarly, toys with sewn-on eyes or buttons should be kept out of the sleeping area until the child is older – presumably preschool age when children are less-inclined to put these small parts into their mouths.

Are Blankets Safe for Babies?

Though it might seem counter-intuitive based on the guidance we have provided, babies do need blankets – lots of them. There are six blankets that every baby needs, including swaddling, receiving, crib, floor time, security, and stroller blankets.

Each of these blankets serves an essential purpose, and though there are risks to having blankets in a young child’s crib, it shouldn’t be cause to avoid the use of blankets altogether. Blankets, especially personalized blankets, are a warm and comforting necessity for babies.

Keeping Your Baby Warm at Night

If you are a parent wondering how to keep your baby warm at night in their bed without using a blanket, don’t fret, as there are plenty of easy solutions. Start by dressing your baby in easy to remove layers, using a firm mattress, covering your baby’s head and hands, and keeping the wind off the baby.

And though you may wish to swaddle your baby during the day when you are nearby, at night, it is best to consider a swaddling alternative such as a swaddle wrap with a Velcro or zipper closure. Pay close attention to the room temperature, and be sure to seek guidance from your pediatrician on guidelines to keep your baby safe at night.

Personalized Blankets are Great for Babies

Personalized blankets are beautiful gifts for babies and toddlers. A customized blanket from MyStory Blankets allows a loving gift-giver to provide a unique and memorable gift straight from the heart. A personalized blanket will express love and personalization from the gift-giver. A MyStory blanket has love in every stitch, ensuring that baby or toddler is warm, safe, and loved.

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